Community History

Johnstown, PA - Conemaugh Memorial Medical Center

Founded in 1800 by Joseph Johns, Johnstown grew and thrived throughout the 19th century as a steel and coal powerhouse. The population grew as incoming European immigrants were drawn by economic opportunity. Rich culture and historic buildings in Johnstown were created by these individuals. In 1889, the Johnstown Flood destroyed much of the city, with 2,209 fatalities. Two additional floods, in 1936 and 1977, earned Johnstown the nickname "Flood City".

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Footage courtesy of Rick Knox of Knox Designs

Meyersdale, PA - Conemaugh Meyersdale Medical Center

The first land grant for what is now Meyersdale was given in the late 1700s, after the American Revolutionary War. In the early 1800s, a grist, saw, woolmill, and distillery were built in the city. The town grew and was agriculturally strong, and produced timber and coal. Meyersdale earned the nickname "Maple City" because of its beautiful maple trees and tradition of syrup production in the area. Meyersdale was officially incorporated in 1874, named after early land owner, Peter Meyers.

Hastings, PA - Conemaugh Miners Medical Center

Founded in 1889, Hastings is named after Daniel Hartman Hastings who was Governor of Pennsylvania from 1895 to 1899. A General at the time, Hastings was instrumental in helped to get the Pennsylvania Railroad connected with the city around the same time the borough was first incorporated. Thanks to this development, Hastings, PA became a coal provider for surrounding areas. The first municipal building and public school was established in 1890, and a water company in 1891.

Roaring Spring, PA - Nason Hospital

Roaring Spring was built in a south-central Pennsylvania valley known as "Great Cove", now called Morrison's Cove. It was originally named Spang Mills, after the Spang family who were the first family to own land in the area. First built around a grist mill, Spang Mills grew after a paper mill was built in 1865. The town's name was changed to Roaring Spring in 1887, after the natural spring in the area, when the area was officially incorporated as a borough. The town continues to produce paper products, and distributes premium spring water throughout the surrounding areas.