Zackery Johnson DO

Undergraduate and/or grad and School/major: West Virginia University

Medical School: West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine

Home Community: Crawley, WV

What attracted you to Memorial Medical Center? Conemaugh is a Level 1 trauma center so as a resident you get plenty of exposure to traumas.  We don’t compete with other residencies at our hospital for procedures and we get to manage our own reductions and airways.  I had the opportunity to rotate here as a student and it definitely had a family feeling between the attendings and the residents which is important because you spend so much time with each other over the 3 years of residency.

Personal Goals:  Quit hitting golf balls into the woods; cook the perfect cheeseburger.

Craziest / Best / Worst Job: Best/craziest was probably caddying at the Greenbrier Resort, some people take golf too seriously but it was a good summer gig and I could play free golf at a beautiful place. Lifeguarding was probably the worst job I've had. Sitting on a chair in the sun for hours on end was brain melting.

Interesting fact: I played football at WVU for a couple seasons.