Conemaugh Family Medicine Residency Interview Process

The Conemaugh Family Medicine Residency Program participates in the Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS) from the Association of American Medical Colleges.  We will be offering virtual interviews for the 2022-2023 interview season.

Criteria for ERAS

  • Either COMLEX and/or USMLE accepted, neither preferred.  If currently out of medical school, at least one year of clinical experience is preferred. Research, observer-ships and externships are also desirable.

  • No more than five years out of medical school preferred.

  • No more than one attempt to pass USMLE or COMLEX exams preferred.  Passage of Clinical Skills exam required when applicable. Passage of Step III strongly preferred for applicants more than 1 year out of medical school.

  • Three letters of reference

  • U.S. Citizenship or Permanent Resident (green card) preferred.  J-1 visas are accepted.

  • All applicants must apply through ERAS.

  • We participate in the NRMP.

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For questions, please contact:

 Kim Kalina, Program Coordinator or (814) 534-9364